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The benefits of being a menopause friendly employer

attract talent

By addressing the needs of those experiencing menopause, you attract talent by demonstrating you are a great place to work and thrive through all stages of life

retain talent

Providing flexibility and adapting your workplace policies to become menopause friendly can help to reduce your workforce turnover.

diversity, equity and inclusion

Menopause and leadership opportunities often coincide, yet many leave work or retire early. Supporting those experiencing menopause is key to achieving your DE&I and gender diversity targets. 

Psychosocial care

67% of women are concerned about how menopause is impacting their mental health – (Circle In 2021) Raising awareness about menopause is vital to ensuring your psychosocial care plan is comprehensive.

increase productivity

Symptoms negatively impact 83% of menopausal women’s work performance – (Circle In 2021) Raising awareness and providing support can encourage colleagues to get the help they need to thrive, boosting productivity.

reduce absenteeism

Workplaces that raise awareness and encourage colleagues to seek help report lower rates of absenteeism and higher rates of job satisfaction.

1 in 6 

survey respondents considered leaving their job because of their menopause symptoms . 1 in 12 actually did. (Menodoctor Survey 2023)

1 in 6 survey respondents considered leaving their job because of their menopause symptoms . 1 in 12 actually did.  (Menodoctor Survey 2023)


of respondants to the Menodoctor Survey NZ said their menopause symptoms adversely affected their job 


Women aged between 45-55 years are the fastest growing workforce on the planet

1 in 6

women considered leaving their job because of their symptoms
(Menodoctor Survey NZ 2023) 

1 in 12

actually did leave their job because of their symptoms
(Menodoctor Survey NZ 2023)

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Committed to being menopause friendly

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The industry-recognised mark of excellence for menopause at work

Committed to being menopause friendly

Employers in Australia

Since launching on 1 August 2023, Menopause Friendly Australia’s call to action to support people through menopause at work has been heard loud and clear. 

Workplaces understand that providing awareness, training and information to help people thrive through menopause is not just good for individuals, it also makes good business sense. 

With productivity and gender equality high on the agenda for corporate Australia, being menopause friendly is fast becoming business critical for all employers.

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Becoming a Menopause Friendly employer, having open conversations, and providing the right support, is important for the wellbeing of all of our employees that are affected by menopause – whether they are experiencing the symptoms themselves, or supporting a team member or loved one.”

-Nicola Thomson, VP People and Culture at Anglogold Ashanti Austrlia

accredited menopause friendly

Employers in Britain

Following four years of breaking the taboo of menopause at work, the UK team launched The Menopause Friendly Accreditation in 2021. 

The industry-recognised mark of excellence for menopause at work, nearly 100 employers large and small across all industries have achieved accreditation as a Menopause Friendly Employer.

Much more than a tickbox, promise or pledge, employers that achieve accreditation have demonstrated to The Menopause Friendly Independent Panel of experts that their  organisation actively supports menopause at work across five accreditation pillars.

Their great work is catching attention across the globe, with the New York Time recently referencing accredited Menopause Friendly employers HSBC UK, Accenture and West Ham United Football club as organisations leading the way in the menopause space.

Over 500 employers are committed to being menopause friendly employers as actively supporting menopause at work becomes a must-have for UK organisations.

“Achieving The Menopause Friendly Accreditation ourselves was an important milestone in the work we’re doing to support an inclusive and open workplace culture, and that includes the menopause”

-Ben Horner, HR Director at Boots UK & ROI

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